My Grandparents

The picture up there announcing this blog was taken in my Uncle Ed’s backyard right before my grandfather passed away in 2006.  I dug up a poem and a blog I wrote after he died and they inspired me to repost them both here, and to also write a poem for my Grandmother, Lotte Merin.


It’s not that I wouldn’t
have written
for you,
as well a

the pen stroke
was meant to be
than the words
that appeared      in my heart
on paper

After all,
paper is
and love has never been able to

e  x  p  l  o  d  e

My Grampa’s On Morphine

“The timer went off in the back of my mind
-and mine
is a terrible thing to waste,”
Every moment
every breath
stale and stagnant as a nest
of bees left abandoned in  an oak
whithering and falling and bent
When the garbage truck drives the wrong way
down a one way, then back,
again I can only laugh and wish I
told you sooner
about the time I was lost
and found first the hostel,
then the pay phone,
then the steps of the B’hai church temple.
I was really going
in the right direction,
wasn’t I?
“And How I Wish the Wind
(or the world)
would stop
Or the birds – I come here
for them
then wish they would leave
-so I can hear the rest
of the city,
I guess only nine year olds
wait for presents
and get excited
while their bones are aching.
VII.  Expanding and collapsing
his lungs – like the universe -took oxygen and when
it was over,
he smiled
I hope


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